Purvis Cousins Family Tree

Purvis Cousins Generation 1

The Purvis generation started with Nana Purvis. Obviously there were earlier family but I have no knowledge of them or have any record earlier than this. Contact Dorothy for more information.


I regularly used to see Nana when she lived in Lish Avenue, in Cullercoats, as I passed close by on my way to the primary school. 


She was a hardy, formidable and shrewd lady.  The family tree is to show how the cousins are related.

Pictures of most of the cousins are  in the family gathering sections.  There are pictures of Mum and Dad's  generation in their  profile section.  


Bevs Father Side of the Family

The Rosenbergs

Bev is named after the two grandfathers; Benjamin Bloomfield (Bev) and Jack Rosenberg (Jacqueline).

Bev's father had a  brother and two sisters as shown in the family tree  below.

All were married and had children. The ones we have kept in touch with are shown.


Bev's Mother's Family Tree

Bev's grandmother on her mothers side 

There were five daughters and one brother Michael.

Fay was the oldest sister and then Monna, Bev's mother

All the brothers and sisters married and had children. They mainly lived in North London. Their children then became more diverse and travelled further .  Bev has lost contact with many of them.

Bev's Sisters

Bev has two sisters

Bev's family showing her Mum and father are shown here.

Dennis died at a young age and Monna then remarried Bernard Rothman.