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Contents Page and Introduction

 The Purvis Cousins are all direct descendants of Nana (Martha Ann Fulton) and Grandpa (John Purvis). 


They had seven children, two died when they were young and five lived to over eighty.

There was one brother – Jack and four sisters Muriel, Jean, Pat and Nancy.  They were all christened with different names: John, Martha, Jane, and Annie.

Pat has now reached the wonderful age of 100 and Nancy is now 96.

All of the five children married and all had two children, they all had one boy and one girl making the ten cousins.

The ten cousins all married but not one of the families has one boy and one girl, but have many combinations besides - from 6 children to no children.

The Family tree of the Purvis family showing the related cousins is in a later section. 

Family profiles of all the Purvis family where the dates of birth, marriage and death can be found is in a later section plus anecdotes and a synopsis for some of the family.


The first generation of cousins were unable to meet in 2020 due to the Corona Virus pandemic and a date has not yet been agreed for a new gathering.

I prepared a web site for our our cousins over 20 years ago just using HTML language which was OK but difficult to maintain. The second generation of Purvis are starting to meet via Skype / Webex etc. so I have resurrected the website using an up to date web package.

There is a Family Tree for the First Generation of Purvis Cousins and a separate page for the second generation of Purvis Cousins. I have added  Family Trees for Bev's family.


These photos were taken 60 years apart - didn't they age well.


Click an image to see  the full photo

From Left Nancy, Jack, Jean, Muriel at back then Patty. The blonde girl was Patty's friend.

The Purvis family about 1916

From left Nancy, Jean, Patty, Jack and Muriel.

The Purvis family about 1976

There are some videos in the website.

They are all on You Tube so you should be able to see them by following the instructions below

1        Ask your grandchildren.

2         If that does not work then all the videos have an address which starts with http://

2a       If you are working with a PC/lap top then highlight all the http address.  Right click your mouse and a drop down box will appear. One entry will say  "Go to http ... "   Select this option and the video then plays from You tube in your browser.

2b      From an iPad , highlight the You Tube address by holding you finger on the  "http  " for 3 seconds. Two boundary boxes will appear .Slide these to cover the http address.  Three selection boxes will appear   "Copy / Look Up /  Share "

If you now select Look up the video should play.

If not , then do not panic, cut and paste the http address into your browser.

You do this by Selecting Copy instead of Look Up.  Go to you Browser and place you cursor in the browser enrry window. Paste the http address by using the Paste icon displayed on the pop up keyboaoard,  The http address will display in the brwoser entry window.  Hit Reurn or Go to start the You Tube vide in yor browser.